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Hi All. Just Recently Purchase a Ovation Copy Semi Acoustic Guitar For $20.00 (Australian Dollars) at my Local Op Shop in Lake Macquarie NSW. When I brought it home for a good inspection, The Neck Needs Badly Attention. I even took the Guitar to my good Friend to view this too. I have now Manage to take the Neck off now without damage it and to appear to be a Shody Home made Repair Job. With my good friend will help me with this Job, Plus I need to get new electrics for this as the Original Pickup is broken off. The Piezo pickup is gone, only a broken wire and the contact wire on the Volume Control is hanging by a thread. Both Volume and Tone Controls will have to be Replace. I am hoping some nice advice will help me fix this up to it's near better condition as I got some hope for this Guitar soon.


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Looks like that one needs  good  neck block.

Use the neck for a 6 string Cigar Box Guitar

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