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HI, I`m from northern Michigan and from my vids you can tell I love gospel blues. The problem is location,nobody in my area know much about `em. So I`m askin` for help to find more gospel tunes. I know the blind Willie Johnson ones. So please help. thank you.  peace

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Keni Lee Burgess is a member here kinda incognito as The Guitar Evangelist. His page is titled How to Play Gospel Guitar. He added a few videos but hasn't contributed anything in quite some time. I think if more people commented and asked questions he might post more of his awesome lessons and songs.

Here's How to Play Gospel Guitar Lesson 1

Let's let him know we're here and try to get him to post more often.
i do one called stayed on jesus , well ah woke up dis moanin in mah min' an it was stayed..... stayed on jesus
you know de devil cain catch yew in yo min........ when its stayed, stayed on jesus.

i think its about morning boner suppression and wanting to do something with it cool tune.
oh and i do this little light of mine, rock a my soul, swing low sweet chariot. oh and down by the riverside and saints go marchin in.
Sister Rosetta Tharpe! She's the one
Whashington Phillips and Rev. Utah Smiht.

Ok, the list is long:
-Blind Joe Taggart
-Rev.Edwaed clayborn
-Blind willie davis
-Rev. Moses Mason
-Blind willie haris
-Blind gary davis

And many blues men also did many cosbel song:
Blind lemon Jefferson
Charley Patton
Skip James
Sleepy John Estes
Blind willie McTell
Here is blues Gospel artists:

Here is Gospel blues in myspace:

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