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If you go to grizzly.com and start your search at Page 375 you will find some great deals on supplies that seem a bit expensive at  StewMac. One in particular is the end pin reamer which at stewmac goes for about $60, grizzly has one for $16.
Happy hunting!

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I'm not sure if the StewMac reamer is American made, but here's something that definately is.


I've got some and they are beyond awesome, I'm a long time Levi's jeans wearer and now Levi's is made in China. Now all I wear is Carhart and Blue Diamond.

Randy S. Bretz said:
Of coarse the difference is American made versus imported. You get what you pay for.
Ya otta try out a pair of gusset jeans, they really are comfortable and will last alot longer than levi's.
Just ordered a couple reamers & the 3-in-1 fret file from the Griz, will let you cats know the quality when it arrives.
I buy from both Griz and Stew and have had no issues from either vendor. Grizzly just has the basic stuff, Stew Mac has the best tools (but sometimes out of my budget). I have two reamers from Grizzly, both are of good quality.
Over the weekend I also ordered the reamer and some various pin types from Grizzly, I wonder if it's painted green.
Better deal second hand I got a used 4' edge sander from a pawn shop. makes short work of many tasks.
Got my Grizzly stuff last week. The reamers I don't have any issue with - they're sharp & stout and will do the job just fine, at a decent price. Not too sure yet about the fret file (3-in-1 Gurian type) - haven't been able to use it on a fretting job yet, but the screw that holds the fret file burrs in place could have a bit larger head on it. May not be a problem, we'll see.

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