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So - I'm thinking about picking up a multi-effects box. (Amp / Cabinet modeling, effects, etc.)

As far as multi-effects pedals, what do you folks use?
What are your likes / dislikes / gotta haves for the boxes you've got?
Are they usable for both guitar AND bass?

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My second cbg (the one that plays pretty good) was slightly weaker than my factory electrics. I thought that a pedal with a gain would acts as a good preamp and maybe make my CBG sound a little better or at least comparable volume to my factory electrics. I used a Danelectro 'fish and chips'. It did exactly what I wanted it to do and even better. The EQ allowed me to experiment with a little bit of tone variation.

I came across a used Berhinger Vamp2 for $50. I went ahead with the purchase as I had always dabbled with the idea of amp modeling since the first pods, vamps and Pandoras came out. I figured that using it as a preamp was worth the experiment alone. Well, I got say, the Vamp2 just makes my CBG turn into the sweetest little jam thing you ever saw. I am really impressed with the quality of model sounds I get from the Vamp2. A couple of years back I had bought a Zoom multi-effects pedal box. It was an interesting toy when I first noodled with it, but it soon lost it's favor as it really didn't help me find any tone that I liked. The amp modelers filled that void.

I check Craig's List all the time. This last weekend I found a listing for the Berhinger Vamp Pro. My research brought me to the conclusion that the Pro version wasn't any different than the Vamp2 ( as far as any different amp models or effects). What it did have was a rack mountable box with all the dials spaced much more comprehensively. The guy made me a deal and I picked it up for $60.

Keep in mind that I play it through a 'piece of crap' little Drive amp that I purchased at a pawn shop for $30. I haven't even tried it though one of my tube amps. I get everything I want the way it is.

I have been figuring out the Cream 'Sunshine of your love' riff and with the Berhinger vamps, it sounds really close to the original tone of the song on my CBG. It just makes playing really fun.
I use an Ibanez Tube Screamer with my CBG. It's the TX9DX. Has the TS9 circuit as well as 3 other settings.I don't use a peizo in my main cbg. I have a Dean Markley "wooden" acoustic guitar pickup in it. I play it thru my Blues Jr and it sounds awsome. I own a Boss ME-50 multi effects that is great with guitars but doesn't sound that good with the cbg. I've also tried my old Digitech RP-1 (I'm dating myself) but not so good. I own tons of pedals and multi effect boards in the search for tone and the tube screamer is what I keep going back to with my cbg setup.

Boss ME-50 multi effect...my main guitar pedal right now
Digitech RP-1....when I feel nastalgic
Ibanez Tube Screamer....for the CBG
Boss DS-1 distortion
Boss CE-2 Chorus
Boss Compressor
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff
Boss Digital Delay
BBE sonic maximizer.....this is a gotta have!
Peavy rack mount multi effects.. modulation and delay
Alesis Pico Verb....modulation and delay
Old Rat distortion
Dunlop Cry Baby
Couple of Ernie Ball volume pedals
And a whole box of stuff that alot of collectors would love to have but I'm taking them to the grave with me!!
recommend u check ur fav auction site for a roland gp-8 or gp-16...

its analog boss pedals with digital control.. they're 20 years old, but they're the bomb..
I use a Yamaha REX50.
I like analog effects. I believe they keep you more in the mix, and dont do so much damage to your attack. I use the Fulltone OCD, Fulldrive 2 Mosfet, Choralflange,When I cant afford the Fulltone I stick with the MXR / Dunlop. All the fulltone stuff I own can be ran on 9 to 18 volt adapters(neg center pin) and they perform with bass if needed.(not the fulldrive) I have never found an application to use effects on my bass yett.But I did try out my choralflange on my bass a couple times.It was very nice but I play alot of classic rock and have no reason to use bass effects. I have been told that basses with active pickups respond better to effects than passive. I also have a MXR bass di with built in gain but I find the drive useless. (Its like a Sans Amp)
But the best drive I have found for my bass so far is an old Pro Co Ratt. But the more effects You use the more your bottom deteriorates.
If I was gonna buy a solid state amp with the built in modeling Id stick with the Roland cube 60 or 80 watt model.I heard they quit making the 60 but it was a nice lil amp if you can find one used.
you want something that does about anything you want?,.......

LINE 6 , makes a thing called "The POD" series effects controllers,. NOT A PEDAL, but a digital deal with literally 100's of effects including tube, fuzz, drive, brit amps, brit blues, ... the list is huge,...

I own a POD 2.0 (recordable version),..... it does anything!

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