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I'm building one of my Pluckin' Poles (this one cedar, cherry and oak) for a customer in England. He (and I) are interested in the Flatpup, built by a fellow in Austria (here's the link to his site:   Flatpup site

Two questions.  Has anybody used one of these?  if so, how did you like the sound/tone?

Next, is anyone else building a pup of this type? The Austrian builder is apparently not accepting orders or reservations until sometime in May.

Thanks for any info


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i've used quite a few of these pups and like them a lot. They are quiet, but lower impedence like a single coil. i few videos on my page with examples of these pups.

Thanks Harrison,

Elmar saw the discussion over on CBN and contacted me. Will be getting one from him; really a fantastic idea he's come up with.

On another note, I spent most of the time in your videos listening to the various mandocellos. Has to be one of my favorite sounds (and an instrument I don't own). The Diamondback Zook was great too.

Truly pro instruments you've built, and some great featured ones from other builders (love that Wishnevsky design)



i've got an octave mandolin built too, i just need a stacked concentric 500k pot to finish it. so it's same tonal range as the zook but shorter 22" scale. I also have a collaboration in progress with Bruce Herron from blue star on a danelectro style 8 string electric standard mando.

Flat pups rock

He is a great builder.

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