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And I have a problem. Actually a few problems but that belongs in other discussions on other forums.


It seems I have an inate interest about ....well everything! Actually the acquisition of a mountain dulcimer and a trip to Cape Breton this summer has re-ignited my musical interests, interests which I thought were lost forever but apparently were just festering away somewheres deep just waiting for the opportunity to rear their ugly heads! LOL


As a child there was always music in our house, not much money, but lots of music. I began learning the recorder at about 6 thus began the adventure.  My father played a beautiful Gibson sunburst electric guitar (the one instrument I was scared to touch) and my mom played the organ and harmonica which I also fooled around with. My Dad had a huge reel to reel and we would fall asleep at night listening to all kinds of music particularly old time country and Elvis. Through high school I played trombone and trumpet but nothing that really stuck then life just kind of got in the way and I didn't play anything for years. Anyway a trip to Cape Breton and some visits to a couple of ceilidhs and here I am. I have been learning to play the mountain dulcimer for about a month and a half, am currently building a Tennessee Music Box out of some old dresser drawers I found at the side of the road (another of my problems - salvaging as I politely call it thank you), am working up plans for a dulcitar for my husband and am really curious about the dobro (maybe as a future project).


My interests outside of music are fly fishing and fly tying, just because you can't have too many hobbies you know. Actually they say stress can cause cancer so I figure with all these relaxing hobbies I should be just fine! Also because I live in Canada I figure I got about 8 months out of the year to fill with hobbies that don't require the water to be soft!


I'm looking forward to learning and participating and will have LOTS of questions when the time comes. Thanks in advance for your patience!


(Oh I need to thank Diane in Chicago for leading me here)

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(music is calling you again Vicki...


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