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I keep looking and am getting overload.  Just built CBG no. 3  I think the frets are right,  but I am getting buzz from about the 5th down to the first fret!  What should the nut height and 12 fret height and bridge height be?  Is there a way to calculate this or something?  I just want to be able to build one nice CBG.

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Now I can respond. You can only send 200 characters in the first one I sent.

If you have a real straight edge check your frets to look for a really high one. With the straight edge in place you can see if there are any high frets, check for light underneath the straight edge. Then take a smaller straight edge and check like three or four frets at a time to see if any are rocking due to a high fret. You then need to file the high frets. I will take a long mill file and push it over the frets to even them up. I don't bother with the straight edge and do this as a matter of course. You then have to "crown" the frets you filed. Necks this long also have to have some "relief" built in to them. That is a dip in the frets in the center of the neck. There is lots of really good info on youtube about this stuff and it's hard to explain. I haven't done a guitar neck if 25 years as I concentrate on ukes and mandos.

On ukes I keep the string height at the first fret around 0.015 off the fret and about 0.040 at the 12th.

Hope this helps some but youtube has lots of help. Also, check out Stewart-McDonald supplies as they have lots of info



To add to Terry's info on relief...a simple way to measure string height above the 12 fret is to use a quarter (yes, a 25 cent piece coin.) Lay the coin on the 12th fret. The strings should just touch the coin. This isn't a perfect setup, but it is close, without using a caliper or other measuring device.

Also, Terry mentioned Youtube...use it. There are countless videos with all the info needed to find what you're looking for.

Thanks!  I should have mentioned it is only a three string.  I have gotten a string gauge and feeler gauges from Stewart Mac,  I will check for high fret this weekend. It is just getting frustrating. LOL

Thanks again!


Here's something I use for checking string height. Feeler gauges and drills work great too!.


It won't help you with the high fret but it's pretty durn handy

Better watch out or you're going to end up with a box full of specialty tools LOL

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