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So I have my rosewood fingerboard cut and ready to be glued to the neck of one of the fretless slides I'm making and I notice a couple of hairline cracks at the nut end.

I'm wondering if I should just start over and cut and shape a new fingerboard or if I should try to stabilize the cracks with some CA and clamping? Take a look at the pictures (front, back and side) and let me know what you think.

Here's the front...

Here's the back side that will be glued to the neck...

Here's the edge...

Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations, and pithy observations are welcome.



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You could try epoxy or crazy glue but looks like the crack is clean through the wood. But being it`s a slider { are you going to fret it } if not i`d use it. Might add some age look to it. Just after you apply the glue and it`s dry, sand them down so there`s not a glue spot left after you apply the finish.













Well how important is it that the build be "blemish free"? Personally I would melt some refinishers rosin into the cracks and move on with the build. The cracks do not appear to be threatening the integrity of the piece, it is just adding some "character".

Thanks guys. I'm giving the CA a try. I put a small amount into the cracks on the front surface and held a vacuum to the back side to help it flow into the cracks. Just added another small amount to it, going to bring a little proud and then sand it down. I think this may work. I'll let you know how it turns out.


Use Plastic Wood filler. There are various colors so you can match the wood color.

I've repaired similar cracks using a mixture of super glue gel mixed with sawdust - worked into the crack with a squeegee, let dry then sand any glue smooth.

Thanks for all the input everyone! I filled the cracks using CA for jewelry. I found it was easier to work it into the cracks than gel CA. After sanding, it has left the cracks still somewhat visible, but blackened like a tree resin. I'm doing a rustic pirate build so I think it works out fine. I just finished burning in fret lines and fret markers with a wood burning pen.

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