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Hi everyone from Wayfinder-- My first post and first listing! : )

A big HALLOO to all the git pickers out there.  I've been around a bit but first time posting here on HMC.  Wanted to introduce myself, say HI, and announce my first-ever CBG listing on Etsy.  Been a long time getting to it.  It's nothing special (save for the four switchable pickups) but it's my first listing, and wanted to share. 


My best to all!

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Update:  added a second listing.  Two listings in one day!*  Wow, I think I might quit my day job.


* Sadly it took me most all the day to figure out how to get set up on Etsy, but should be much smoother sailing from here on out.  The first is always the most difficult. Only took me an hour to take photos and list the second one.  :D

SlickStick! Haha, great name!

Good luck with this venture~

Thanks Jim!  Hiya! 

Hey WF, long time no see... glad to see you're kicking them out.  Let us know how the Etsy goes!

Hey John!  Will do.  I'll probably have to list several more items on Etsy before the store gets any attention.  But the competition is high and there are some really good git builders out there. So I'll have to find my niche.  I'm building full-size electrics now too (photo below).  Got that one done and two in the works.  I buy neck and body "blanks", cut out the pickup areas and finish both pieces, add the hardware and electrics according to desired end design.  I tell ya... after building a full electric, CBGs seem a bit easier to build now.  ;D

(I've got one special guitar I'm working on now I've spent two months just on the paint job.  Gaahh.)

This has three pickups individually wired with separate volume controls and a single tone control.

#1- My hand-made FlatCat pickup.  3/16" and about 5.5 ohms of solid sound.  Deep and mellow, just below the neck.

#2- Lipstick tube pickup, about 5 ohms.  Mellow and a bit brighter, being a single-coil.

#3- Flat-top humbucker at the bridge, about 7.5 ohms to bring out the treble end.

Between the three and combinations thereof can get about any sound I want.  Hoooo!  Fun to play.  : )

Hiya wayfinder nice to hear from you'

the other forum isn't the same without you thats for sure.

you and the kid were the only ones that kept it alive.

got to admit that a couple on there are pure wankers,enough said.

this is my last build ,made out of olive wood bread board!


That is awesome John.. and inspiration for me.  I have two breadboard projects that have just been sitting there, unfinished.  Now that I see how nicely yours turned out, gonna have to try to get 'em done. : )

Neat pickup cover.  What did you use for that?  Great work on the neck and staining too.  Wood grain is terrific.

its Olive wood so no staining. the pick up cover is a 1mm thin brass plate.

must of made about 20 guitars since november last year!  lol.

I'm currently making 4 diddly bow guitars for my wife church.

now and again they have a group session where those who have no particular tallent cxan learn to play music or what ever.

a very good friend called around and I said I'll make her  a 3 string guitar after she and her husband were very impress with what I've made. so I'm going to put a picture of jesus loves you.

I told them its an easy instrument to learn to play.no rules etc.

she can play a 6 stringer so she should pick it up easy enough..

heres the picture that I will use. 

oh and what is your name just because theres a big pond between us doesn't mean can't be friends. john

Hiya John. You made that pickup cover by hand?  Could you show some closeup photos, and maybe explain how you did it?  Nice job. : )

Regarding my name:  On the Net I always go by Wayfinder or Snoots

as for bending the brass plate.

I used 2 50mm x 3mm plate and clamp the b/plate and bend by hand( vice).

I drilled 3 holes incase the pickup was poor.

easy to bend,well it was for me.

Thanks for posting that.  Pretty neat design; I likes it. : )

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