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Home Grown Music Collective presents 'Boxstock' - Official Launch

Hey guys,


Sorry Iv not been around much lately, but Iv been real tied up with the formation of the Home Grown Music Collective.


About a year ago Chickenbone John and I decided it might be nice to get some outside funding to help with running workshops, organising festivals and open mic nights, and generally spreading the word that home made instruments are a whole lot of fun.

So, we applied to a few places for grants, but they all came back the same - form a company, work it for a year, then we may give you some money.

In response, we set about forming the Collective.


The Collective has one fundamental aim;

We want to ensure that making music is accessible to EVERYONE, regardless of their financial situation, social standing or geographical setting.


I wont go into all the details of how we are going to achieve this here, as most of it is over on the website anyway, but suffice to say we already have a lot of support and I am quietly confident that this going to be a BIG year for Home Grown music in the UK and Europe.


Its taken 4 long months, too much money, and plenty of blood, sweat and beers, but I am now proud to announce the official launch date - Friday 18th March.


We will also be revealing some very exciting news about 'Boxstock', the 3rd Uk Cigar Box Festival.



Watch this space!


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Awesome news Ben!  I've been following this for a little while - sure is a lot of work.  Congrats to you and the guys for pulling this off.  Let me know what we can do to help.
Conqrats Ben !! too bad it`s beyond driving distance for us all...lol. or we would all be there too!

cool , nice thoughts and good work man !!!


Very cool! Keep us up to date & let us know how we can help..

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