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Thaty is really good Ted, thanks for posting. (now where can I get some radios from!)


That's cool. Did the Beach Boys use one of these on "Good Vibrations"?

This type of thing was also used for every episode of Scooby Doo! Zoinks!!!!

The Beach Boys used an Electro Theramin - check it out in this thread

Wow, that works really well!

I bet you could go to the thrift store and get the radios for cheap.

Wonderful! I will be looking for radios now in thrift stores and my wife will be even more convinced that I am a total nut job!
Thanks Merle for that clip. It's a truly beautiful rendition of a lovely song. I was captivated watching him play this strange instrument. How odd to create wonderful music with such feeling out of thin air!

I figured out what the hand motions do.

The loop on the right is volume. Touching the loop is no volume, and the further you move away it gets louder.

The antenna on the left is pitch. The closer you get, the higher.

The radios appear to be pitch only.

Very interesting Ted, think i will be having a look into this. Here's a vid of Jimmy Page doing his stuff on the Theremin enjoy.


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