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Hey Ted,


This is awesome. I wasn't enjoying dropping off to another website to practice some blues licks...I appreciate the links...real cool.

I found it Mark!
Wow this is really great. I can play along with my CBG. Thanks Ted!!!

Wow, this is great!  I am taking a fiddle improv class, and i'm getting tired of the tracks provided with the class.


Between this and jamstudio.com


and oldtimejam.com


there you go.

Hi Ted I found also this very good ones here >>>> http://www.guitarvoice.com/BackingTracks/Genre/Blues

I didn't find this directly accessible, so I went to the Truefire site...
maybe the page layout changed.

Currently it's at 

Some are free, the entire 200 track multi-genre collection is 'sticker-priced' at $9.95 as a download, but they occasionally have crazy sales based on all kinds of holidays.

I don't know what the sale occasion was, but I got it for $1, and possibly again as a bonus for buying a bundle of other things during another sale...probably Christmas...seems to be their craziest Fire Sale time of year. Some of them vary by the hour over a weekend, and while it's frustrating to not know what item will go on sale when, there are things you didn't realize you 'needed' until the opportunity presented itself! ;O)

I don't work for them, but I am one of their forum moderators...for reasons unbeknownst to me...some other forum members nominated me for a lesser role and I eventually got 'promoted'. It is, however, a great company with great materials.

I started a cigar box thread there, but typical for me, got distracted by something else and finally I'm back at it again...for a while anyway.


Thanks Ted! Thanks Two String Bob! Both of these sources are fantastic. Really helps with practice.

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