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Hunter S Thompson interviews Keith Richards

Keith Richards is better at music than Dr. Gonzo is at talking. Or so the story goes...

While Keith Richard's first television interview popped up recently on the interwebs, another television interview with Keef popped up just a little bit sooner, with this one being a whole lot more incomprehensible. Back in 1993, ABC hired legendary Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson to do an interview with his pal Keith Richards. The two talk on a multitude of subjects, such as the afterlife, J. Edgar Hoover being reincarnated as a slug, how there would be no Rolling Stones without the Beatles, using Hell's Angels for security, and how a musician's canvas is silence. Plently of cigarettes were smoked, and a few laughs were had, especially when the two first encounter each other. The Squid is pretty sure Dr. Gonzo used a recording of weasels going at it to get Keef's attention. Anyway, it's a shame there are no subtitles for the video, but you can mostly understand what the two are saying.


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Good stuff! they sound like poop salesmen with their mouths full of samples....lol

Happy 75th Birthday Keith!!!

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