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My partner lives in Florida and likes to "winter' there so I'm holding down the shop by myself plus working for the MALL at the same time until March.
I had to break down and buy a cash register so I could handle what I consider the "nasty" part of selling ( the money).Since the last time I used a cash register they still chimed when the sale was concluded and the numbers popped up at the top I had some learning to do.My very patient wife is checking by to make sure I dont get myself in trouble with this new register thing as she has been in retail off and on for well over $%^& years,,,,,,, censored by wife.
I was hoping it would speed up transactions so I could move on to the next sale and this weekend it worked out fine.But I still enjoy making the sale and somebody else finishing up the money end of it better.
I'll try to get some pics of the new CBG's in the shop thats left today if I can.
I had a very good day yesterday , so had to come home after work and build 2 more 3 stringers to take in today, needed more but I had to fit some sleep in somewhere.

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