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Feel free to make me offers and I like trades!


The Rat Rod Ghettoborn- Rat Rod Ghettoborn - Masonite and pine body like danelectro. Paduak fretboard and control plate, pinstriping by Lonnie Pease, humbucker by Elmarin Todobonito, piezo rod bridge of ironwood, ebony and bloodwood by Randy Bretz. $600

Blondie - 6 string squareneck resonator. Bookmatched ambrosia maple top. Curly maple sides and fretboard. Old reclaimed maple back. Brown ebony bridge with zircote saddle by Randy Bretz. Polished, rear mounted 9" lowe cone by Old Lowe. Hand-wound, rosewood topped 6 pole down under pickup by Ted Crocker. $650

The Busker - four string roundneck, maple/mahogany rosewood fretboard. built in 1.5W amp powered by 9 volt. Ebony and buffalo horn bridge by Randy Bretz, tailpiece by Old Lowe. $275
The Original Ghettoborn - $SOLD + plus your choice of electronics at cost....

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would you trade for the tenor?
What tenor do you have and which guitar do you want? I'm pretty open to stuff.

Oh, I meant your tenor, the third one down.


Would you trade for one of my flush-fret builds? or for the next Telebox?

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