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I found cigar box guitars on youtube one night surfing for blues lessons.  Ran across Shane Speal and then Seasick Steve and it's been madness ever since.

My first one:

My second one:

Witchy-Poo - currently on tour with Dave Phillips and Masquerade in FL

My first fretted CBG and my first 4-string

I needed a 3-string with frets, so I built this next:

My mom wanted one.  She had an old Dutch Masters box:

Then I built this one to experiment with my homemade single coil that I wound on my homemade pickup winder:

The pickup is hidden under the lid.  I used neodynium magnets that were really strong.

Here's the CBG it's hidden in:

Here's what's on my workbench right now: Fretted 4-string:

I also build a few full-sized guitars.  This was my summer project this year:

It's true everyone can make an instrument and create music:

Sound Check

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Nice work and nice sound checks too!  

Real nice builds Tom!

John Kennedy said:

Nice work and nice sound checks too!  

Thanks.  That's a pickup I wound on that one, too. It has a ceramic magnet

I noticed the counter on your winder.  How does that work?

cool stuff,tom,some nice builds there

John Kennedy said:

I noticed the counter on your winder.  How does that work?

Battery powered, magnetic proximity switch.  It's rated for 1200 rpm (20/sec), but needs a little time between pulses to be accurate at that speed. About 900-1000 rpms is the working speed of the Shatten winder that Stewart MacDonald sells for $300.   That's the reason for the big wheel on one side.  It worked out even better than planned, as it also works as a brake and makes starting easier. Here's a link to the photolog of the build and a link to where I bought the counter.  It was less than $20 on ebay and arrived in about 2 weeks. Only complaint is there's no off switch to turn off the display. It hasn't needed a battery yet and it's about 6 months old, so that may not be a big deal.    

Here's the link for the counter

Here's the link to the photolog

I'll start another thread on how I built it if you'd like. It was actually easier than I thought it would be.

well, I'm impressed!

showing off is right nice work !!!

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