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The Gris-Gris guitar has some complicated circuitry.  It will have a Stonehenge 6 at the bridge with volume & tone. At the neck will be a split pickup - a Stonehenge 2 under the fat strings and a Stonehenge 4 for the thin strings.  Each with vol/tone stacked pots.


It is a stereo guitar, The Stone2 will have it's own jack and is meant to go to an octaver and a bass amp.  The Stone 4 and 6 will go to another jack.  I can wire that easily.


What I'd like to do is wire it so that when he pulls the cable out of the bass pup jack, that signal would jump over to the mono jack.  This way with only one amp he can still amp the 2 fat strings.


Any suggestions!  I'm hoping there's a way to do it with a stereo jack. I just ordered a DPDT  On/On rocker switch that should work.  Is there anything I overlooked?  Any advice?




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I've been thinking of how to do this on mine for a while. My thoughts are to build a stereo Cable that splits to two amps.  I think you could wire a stereo jack to accept a mono cable that put both inputs into one amp. Plug in the custom cable and you plug it into seperate amps.

SWITCHED JACK?  for the bass pup


ted you want a dpst switching jack for the second (optional) jack, like i did on the mundfick guitar, there is no need for a switch on the face of the thing, it'll just get in the way.
Hey sand, its actually really difficult to do this.. the 'ring' on a trs stereo connector gets shunted to the sleeve when you use a mono cable, effectively shorting the 2nd pup to ground. Ive done this with mag & piezo, so a regular mono cable gets you mag only, a stereo cable gives you both. You dont need to make a y cable btw, just ask for an 'insert' cable, that'll do the trick..

Sanddraggin said:

I've been thinking of how to do this on mine for a while. My thoughts are to build a stereo Cable that splits to two amps.  I think you could wire a stereo jack to accept a mono cable that put both inputs into one amp. Plug in the custom cable and you plug it into seperate amps.

Step 1)  Buy dpst switching jack


Step 2)  ???????


Jef, have a diagram?



In the UK I have been using jack sockets that have 4 lugs (for mono) or six (for stereo) the odd thing being that when a jack is inserted it lifts the connection so one set is switched off like this

If you use one of these for the bass output and wire to the side that connects to the jackplug with the plug in situ and wire the other side to the other output jack (or appropriate lug of the 3 way switch)  when the plug is removed it will transfer the output to the other circuit.

They do a better looking version with a chrome finish here http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=982 and if they sell this in the UK I am sure you will find it cheaper in the USA.





Thanks David, I hadn't seen those before up close.


I'm still having a problem visualizing the wiring.  The rest of the circuit is easy so I can break it down to a red & black from the Stone2 and a red & black from the rest.  How do I wire the switched bass jack so the signal gets to the other jack when only that cable is plugged in?  I need a diagram or pics.


I ordered some of these



So far i have this diagram which is only for just bass out just one jack, I need to fix it.

(The volume pots in the diagram are actually stacked pots with the dual knobs that will all include tone.)


I also ordered this DPDT On/On switch and it might not look badass on the face of Gris Gris.  I'm hoping we can figure this out soon because tomorrow i want to drill for the jacks, pots and switches and i'd like to know if this switch is ruled out.



Show me the wiring!

from your diagram the only difference should be where your bass pup hits the 2nd (optional) jack, you insert the switch into the circuit here.  The earths are common, so the sleeve of both jacks already meet somewhere.  The + (hot) from the bass pup goes to the common on the switch, one lug onto the tip of the jack, one to the tip of the main jack where its summed with the other pup.


I didnt get any diagram with my one either, just grab a multimeter, jam a git cable in and out and work it out. ;)

Hi Ted,

I make no claim to be an expert in wiring but have rewired several guitars and have wired in preamps, onboard amp circuits and effects to my own guitars (just so you know I am not claiming to be more than an enthusiastic amateur).

If anyone else can see any problems with regard to these please do shout up.


For the type of jack I posted above




The circuit follows the dotted line when the plug is out.  One issue I can see from this is that when the jack is out it will work as a double pick up 3 way switch circuit but the neck pickup will have 2 separate tone and volume controls one for the 2 bass and 4 for the other strings(could be good or bad depending upon what you want)


using a switch



For the switch as above the missing scribble is you also need to either do the same for the ground wire or just wire in a ground between the two top pots.


I bought a similar switch previously and didn't use it as it needed such a big hole - I am not sure if this is part of the design but I opted for the mini switches like these mini toggle switches (halfway down )http://www.bitsbox.co.uk/switches.html


As stated above Ted I am a mere amateur and you are the Jedi Master of guitars so feel free to shoot me down in flames on any of the above.




Hey Ted would this work with one of those 1/4 switch jacks like on some stomp pedals which switchs it on/off when pluged into.Then your not compermizing  another hole in the guitar.
no, those are not quite switching jacks, they just break the power supply to ground, a wee bridged terminal not a switch like ted needs, its [on/off] not [on1/on2]

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