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Hey Guys n Gals,

First I want to say... I'm glad I've become a part of the CBG Family here and everywhere else,


My first attempt at a "THEMED" CBG was kind of a bust, It's still Fixable but I used the neck and headstock of a pink Guitar I bought at a thrift store, ripped off the body and stuck it to a pretty good sized Cigar Box. It's a 6 string and I made a pretty big spider shaped sound hole that should have been half the size and off set. Ah well live and learn, My logic is... Hey it's only wood! Get another chunk and start over.

I've seen some of your THEMED guitars which blow mine away and it seems every idea I come up with someone has already done, That doesn't discourage me, it just makes me think harder to come up with new ideas. For instance I was thinking of a double neck guitar (3 string bass with lower strings and 3 string (tenor?) with the remaining strings. I even thought of another guitar adding 2 larger strings and making an 8 string guitar and wouldn't ya know It I saw a guitar with 2 necks and one of the necks had 8 strings on it. both my ideas in one.


Lets see your "Themed guitars and a little info on the details.


Good or bad doesn't matter.


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MZ's (Manuel's) Spider

I'll post mine when I have more than a minute

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