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Lately I've been really into the whole gypsy jazz and swing jazz with accordions, and I've been really searching for a portable accordion to make, however there is nothing online that I have seen that gives instructions on how to create an accordion so i just abandoned the idea. However a few days ago it came to me that maybe you could do some modifications to the smallest free reed areophone; the harmonica, so that it acts like an accordion with buttons that allow air flow to certain spots.

My idea is to make the harmonica accordion more of a melodica or a accordina where it is still operated by breath that is directed through tubes into the holes of the harmonica, and the tube's airflow is controlled by buttons.

My only real concerns about this idea is how small the harmonica is; and if you can get tubes that small to work with the jig.

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try shops that sell loads of model building stuff, they usualy have square brass tubing. that might be wat to go

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