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Here's a link for some inexpensive necks for 6 bangerz, keep ya posted as to how they work out for me.

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Sorry the link didn't stick, it's "guitarpartsonline.com".
Check out these Eden Paddle Necks. They start at $25. I've used a few of these and had no problems. I like the undrilled paddle headstock as it allows you to make your headstock any shape.
Man, that's a smokin' deal Ted, but then you factor in the $20.00 shipping and batabing your spending $44 for and unfinished and uncut head. I found a guy in Viet Nam that does extremely nice inlay work and offers banjo resonator backs made of mahogany with some really cool designs for about $50, but the shipping is about $65 so it ends up being $115, which is still a great buy, but if it's not built to specs for your hardware or isn't quite what you wanted you'll have a hard time thumpin' him in the head with it if your not pleased. I know, I know, I'm a spoiled American but I'm trying to cut back on some of the things that aggrivate me these days.
I ordered a pretty good strat neck with a nice amber finish and ready to go for $46.95 with shipping from "guitarfetish.com". I hope it will compliment the build I am going to use it for nicely.

Got the neck delivered. The finish isn't exactly perfect, where the maple meets the rosewood, but I think it will be just fine with a slight buffing. I'd rate it a 7 based on the fact that it was pretty inexpensive. I couldn't do it for that much....

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