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I just got my first prewired magnetic pickup but no instuctions came with it. Its going in a neck thru gbg.

I've never used these and need some help .


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Stick it in a Guit and plug it in!

What exactly is the issue?

I think I've figured it out.....it's a cb gitty prewired, 4-strin, single coil, pickup harness part 54-020-01

it looks like I

1. cut a hole for the pickup in the top

2. drill holes in the top for adjustment screws

2. screwed the pickup top plate to the cigar box top

3. notch out the neck fir the pickup

4. then attach the tone, volume, and jack to the box 


yep, just get the poles in the 3/32" range to start with, distance from the strings 

Thanks very much for your response!

You'll find that where you install it along the length of the neck will noticeably affect the sound. Too close to the neck and it gets tinnie. Too far up the neck and it gets very bassy and muddy. If possible, hook up the wired then hold the pickup over the strings and strum. Move the pickup up and down the length and you'll hear the difference. Pick the spot where you like the sound best. The "sweet spot" for mag pickups tends to be 12.5~15% of the scale length measured from the bridge.

Thanks so much for the tips......I use your ideas before I cut the holes for the pickup.

Thanks again!

While we are on the subject (and rather than starting a new thread), could I have some advice please? I have the pickup shown which is obviously designed for a 6 string guitar. I want to fit it to a 5 string cigar box banjo. I have never used one of these pickups before. Is it crucial that each string sits above the metal poles on the pickup? Or will it still work if each string runs in between the poles? I know I can mount it on a diagonal, but it doesn't look too good that way. Any advice would be much appreciated.


It's not necessary for the strings to run exactly above each pole piece.

(I think it would look cool with your five strings running between the poles.)

PS: I just posted a picture of my "Rust Rod" guitar. The (6 string) pup that's in it is completely covered by the sheet of rusted copper. The poles aren't lined up perfectly with the strings, and it works fine.

Thanks very much for your reply Jim N. Brilliant, the reply I was hoping for. Nearly finished this build and will post pics when finished.

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