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Introduction (I wish I found you all a couple of years ago)

Hello all.  I am quite excited to have found this site. 

My name is Dan, and I love building musical instruments.  Lately though, I've been building instruments out of recyclables. 

I started this almost two years ago.  Last summer (2013), I volunteered again at a music camp that my sister and her husband hosted.  I had done this before.  I was the "craft" guy, but in 2012, I assembled a bunch of ukulele kits that I helped the kids assemble, and then play.  Summer of 2013 though, after watching the Landfill Harmonic video on YouTube, I was inspired to help the kids make instruments out of trash and recyclables.  So, over the winter months, I built a canjo, a small cookie tin ukulele, a 5-string resonator banjo out of a broken guitar, a Ford hubcap and a serving platter, a Kalimba out of a small coffee tin and bobby pins, and finally a 6-string acoustic guitar mainly out of two large cookie tins.  I just wanted some examples of what the kids could do. 

I then had the idea of the kids making their own canjos and their own kalimbas.  My sister approved my idea, so I got to work eating canned food and cutting out necks. 

For camp, I displayed the Landfill Harmonic video and explained to the kids what they would be building. They were excited after I played all my "garbage" instruments for them, and during building time, they got their instruments built.  I even brought a lot of other materials so the kids could build a third instrument, but they had to use their own creativity.  I told them that it didn't matter what it was, as long as they could make music with them.  It was mostly drums, but a couple of other kids were creative.  I even helped one little girl make a 5-string banjo out of a 1-gallon olive oil can.  She got to play my hub cap banjo during the "folk circle" my sister set up, and she wanted her own.  The only time I saw her smile during camp was when she finally got to play her own handmade instrument.

Anyhow, now I am working on cigar box guitars and ukuleles.  I made one already that is really fun to play and sounds great.  I am currently working on another one for my friend's non-profit organization to auction off during their fundraiser. 

Anyhow, sorry to be long winded.  I was just excited to have found this site, and I look forward to getting ideas, as well as giving advice whenever I can. 

Thanks for looking,

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Cool story Dan!

Starte em early.

Here's an article I compiled here of Landfill Harmonic http://handmademusicclubhouse.com/forum/topics/landfill-harmonic-th...

Good for you Dan!

It struck me that songs and tunes are created out of nothing but imagination and to go a step further and make the instruments from 'nothing' is worthy of great praise.

Well done.

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