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As part of my recent 50th B-Day, I splurged on some Stew Mac fretting tools. Their Japanese Hand Saw and miter box, along with some filing tools for frets. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or tips on using? Thanks a bunch!

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All I can say is take Your time, maybe start out with some rosewood fretboards since their a softer wood than ebony, make sure to use nice easy pressure on saw and take Your time, after You've done a few it will seem so easy and did I say take Your time!!
Congrats!  CB Gitty has the best deal on fret wire, as well as any other supplies you'll need to build.  He also offers a 'fretting starter kit' which includes 6 feet of fret wire and his comprehensive fretting guide on CD for $9.99.
thanks for the advice. I will definitely take my time and be open to failure the first few times. I have already obtained Gitty's fretting guide, Ted. Thanks again!

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