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The Handmade Music Fest is almost a month away and I need artwork.

Maybe something like this rendered for silk screen


Handmade Music Fest 2010 up top in a cool font, and a catch phrase and url below.

I want it to put on the front page, put on tee shirts and who knows what else.

Take a little time and see what you come up with, time is running out...

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Ted - I have sent you several different types of files via your e-mail. This is the most recent version with the correct www address (oops) - just let me know…

OKAY, an easy change but now we have to see if there's time - 30 days - to get tee shirts printed for the fest...


Mustard on the back of dark brown shirts?

Black on white?

Smaller graphic on the front breast too?
Tom, can you change the url to
www.HandmadeMusicClubhouse.com please and once it's final the illustrator file would be great. And the Clubhouse is est 2009, not 1997 like my guitar shop ...and Taxi smiles...

White on black?

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