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A while back i picked up an old 6" jointer for a good price,it's a solid cast iron bed machine,i've fiddled with it to the nth degree,blades are set to within a couple of thou,checked and repeated.I still have a problem with 'chatter/bounce on anything except the thinnest of materials.I'm generally pretty capable mechanically,but struggling with this.All bearings,rotating parts are sound.The only thing i can come up with is the spindle speed may be too low.For what it's worth the manufacturer was a company called Paulcall,now defunct,they had a good reputation,but information is hard to find about their stuff.I would appreciate any advice on this one,even if it's only to say i'm a dumb s o b,thanks 

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Yuppers Darryl, I think your on the right track with low RPM possibly being the problem. Or uneven blade setting? Make sure them blades are sharp enough to shave with also.

thanks Jimbo,i've got a few pulleys to play with,but to be sure i'll pull the blades [again],hone 'em and re set before i experiment

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