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Junior Brown & his Guit-Steel Guitar


Jamieson "Junior" Brown (born June 12, 1952) is an American country guitarist and singer. He has released nine studio albums in his career, and has charted twice on theBillboard country singles charts. Brown's signature instrument is the "guit-steel" double neck guitar, a hybrid of electric guitarand lap steel guitar.


In 1985, Junior invented a double-neck guitar, with some assistance from Michael Stevens. Junior called the instrument his "guit-steel". When performing, Junior plays the guitar by standing behind it, while it rests on a small podium/music stand. The top neck on the guit-steel is a traditional 6-string guitar, while the lower neck is a full-size lap steel guitar for slide playing. Brown has two guit-steels for recording and live work. The original instrument, dubbed "Old Yeller", has as its standard 6-string guitar portion the neck and pickups from Brown's previous stage guitar, a Fender Bullet. The second guit-steel, named "Big Red", has a neck laser-copied from the Bullet neck, but in addition to electric guitar pickups, both the standard and lap-steel necks use an identical Sho-Bud lap-steel pickup. There is a pocket in the upper bout of the guitar to hold the slide bar when it is not in use.






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A cool instrument and some great playing.

I used to want to be junior brown. I even bought a cheap Chinese double neck guitar/lapsteel I was going to rework, but I lost interest. I'll trade it for something interesting. I have an aluminum 8 string bridge and nut I'll throw in.

He is iconic. That voice, slick licks, and chicken pickin'. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy.  

i love junior !!

hes got a great sense of humour too..


but i never understand why he set those necks that way, im sure i'd prefer the steel over and the regular git neck under, and id want to angle the steel neck back on a different plane, towards the player..

Bullet neck- is that an economy fender neck from a  strat?

Check it out!

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