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Keni Lee Burgess: Busking the Blues. An hour and 20 minute documentary.

Sit back and watch an extraordinary documentary following Clubhouse member Keni Lee Burgess. It features footage of him busking in the tunnels of the NYC subway, informal interviews about him & his instruments and even a meeting between him and John Dopyera, son of the inventor of the resonator guitar.  

Keni Lee has long been a front line soldier in the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution, selflessly answering questions, offering advice and freely posting how-to play videos here at the Clubhouse and on other sites.  He also offers a series of video tutorials offered here, which have helped many players master these instruments.

My hat is off to Keni Lee Burgess for all he has done to entertain and educate us...

Enjoy this glimpse into his world!

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I loved the historical nature of this film. Anything that teaches me something I enjoy learning is a win-win!

keni lee,,,,as good as it gets...thanks for posting

Awesome Keni! Love hearing your music!

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