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I like the larger cage strings however they do not fit into the grooves on the CBG, any Ideas in How to make the grooves larger so that I can load it back up with medium gauge strings?

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I want to remove these .022, .014. 010 strings, and put Medium strings on, the problem is when I do this the strings do not fit in the grooves of the metal part of the Neck (forgive me I am CBG newbie)!! So when I place the Medium gauge on the distance between the stings and the fret board is extremely  gaped!!! 

 Basically I want to enlarge the grooves in the metal piece, HOW

just file to fit

That is what I was thinking thanks, just need to go get a File :)

Here's a trick.  Use the cutoff part of the fatter wound strings as a file for that string's slot.  Gives you the proper size and shape slot.  

The slots in your pic are way too wide and deep - those strings in there will buzz.  The slot should be the size of the string, deep enough so part of the string peeks out the top, and round on the bottom.

Good luck!

Huge buzz with the strings on there now..... thanks

Welding tip cleaners work pretty good for filing at different gauges for bone,plastic or corian. I use a triangle file on metal nuts. Make sure the Nut is highest where the string comes off of it. (opposite the tuners)

You need more down pressure between the nut and tuners, and slot the nut down toward the tuners. The highest point on the nut were the strings exit should be facing the bridge

thanks I went and purchased a small file set over the week end!!

Please help me to understand Jim

this here would be the fastest way to explain it. instant .....http://handmademusicclubhouse.com/chat/index/popOutWindowV4

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