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Hey Guys, In about 2 days I am headed to Kentucky to visit the girlfriend's family and there in an old Gibson acoustic flat-top that she has there. When she told me what it was the eyebrows raised a slight bit. LOL. I do not know what Model it is but it has *The Gibson* in cursive (Pre 1949) on the head with a Pat date of Feb 1908 and a manufacture date of Mar 30 1906. (strange that manufacture date is before patent date).

I have been searching like a madman trying to find info for vintage Gibsons this old but most of the info I have found so far only really goes back to about the 1930s. Anything found prior to that seems to be vague and does not provide much detailed info.

Anyone know of sites or links where one can research this thing. As said I can find Gibson info but stuff this old I'm having a hard time. Figured there may be someone here that knows.

I will only be there for a few days and will post some pics of it when I get back. 

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I sell some reference books at my shop. That era Gibson has a tapered headstock (Thinner at the top of the book) The Vintage Guitar price guide is one that I always use to check values of amps and Guits .
Only one thing ya need to know....

How much is it??!

She said "It's an old guitar, I think it's a Gibson" , so I checked out and pooped myself! Well here it is guys..... A Gibson Model: L-1 Acoustic Archtop Pat date of Feb 1908 Manufacture date of Mar 30 1906 I'm contacting Gibson to see if they can do the restro.

WOW Joe, that's a great find. Can we assume you have it now?
Yes Ted we have it. As said, I hope to contact Gibson for the resto as I will not trust the average "Joe" (no pun intended LOL!) to do it. The value of it will stay higher if I allow only Gibson to touch it. What I find strange is the fact that the manufacture date (Mar 1906) is before the patent date. This may mean that it was a "prototype" as records reflect this specific model only started production in 1908. Hmmmm

To me it's like finding the proverbial 1953 Corrvette in a barn for a hundred bucks. LOL!

Ted Crocker said:
WOW Joe, that's a great find. Can we assume you have it now?
That's a sweeeet find.
Amazing find. Youre a lucky man.
Update: I've contacted Gibson and they are sending me instructions for shipping for the restore and repair.

I almost shit myself when my girlfriend Deb told me of this guitars history. Naturally it has been passed down in her family for many years but one thing about it really floored me. She informed me that when it belonged to her late husbands father, He had ran a small radio station in which a young man used to frequent. This guitar had sat in the D.J. booth and was played quite often by the aforesaid young man.

This young man's name was: Little Jimmy Dickens

Don't assume that only Gibson can do the restoration work, or that only they have the magic touch to retain its value...after all, the people who built it aren't around anymore. It's a nice guitar, but not incredibly rare or hi-falutin' in it's day.....although I've got to say the inlays and headstock details are unusual for this model. Indeed, you may end up spending more on getting it restored than it is actually worth. What actually needs doing to it?

There are plenty of good luthiers (not your "average Joe") who could easily deal with this instrument, there's no magic involved, you need someone who's got the techniques and experience. Personally I'd far rather put it in the hands of a trusted builder and repairer than the factory, someone I could phone up or knock on the door and ask how it's going. After all, to restore that barn-find 'vette you wouldn't send it back to the factory would you? A couple of years back a friend of mine had one of these Gibson L-1s handed on to him by a relative (an uncle in India of all places!) and had it sorted by a local luthier.

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