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I was watching this video:

Jammin' on the Diddley

Looks like a lot of fun. I've been thinking about loop machines for quite some time, but I don't really have the $$ to buy one. However, I do have a stack of computers and a couple laptops that could probably run software that will do the same. Does anyone know of such software, or a good loop machine for the low budget folks. Thanks!

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I'm not sure about live or performance looping but Audacity has the ability to sample some riffs and repeat it over and over in it's own track while you record others tracks or just play along.

Audacity if free and runs on Mac, PC and Linux. Download it here.

Acid Express is another popular free software app . Download it here

I'm not familiar with Looplabs, but check it out here.

I'm very curious about computer based recording and performing . I'd like to get some collaborative recording between us going in the Clubhouse Recording Studio. Hopefully someone more informed than me will start something.

On the hardware side I've heard good things about the JamMan, but at $250 it's a bit pricey for me.

Josh, do any of those links do what you need?
I have Audacity. I do a little recording. I hope to do more when I get a better set up. I was thinking more along the lines of the live looping. You're on the right track with the JamMan. But like you said, it's a bit pricey. I was hoping I could find a computer program to do the same. Maybe something that uses a mouse instead of a pedal. I could always transform a mouse into a pedal.
I'm googling DIY Loop Pedals. Here's some info I found. Nothing that will record at any length.


Wow, too much for me to handle:

I think I just need to save up $250. LOL
Jason, you can get much cheaper loop machines, the reason I bought this one is because I can add 1 gig card and record for up to one hour as one loop. Most loopers record for approx 30 secs to a minute of music. You get what you pay for. Glad you like my vid.
An SD card input sounds awesome. I have some HUGE SD cards. Hmmm... So you use the JamMan then?
Hey Jason
Yes I have a Jam man and I love it, it takes a little getting use to but the results are great, sometimes Iuse it to record so that I don't forget what I composed because it is so easy to setup.

Jason May said:
An SD card input sounds awesome. I have some HUGE SD cards. Hmmm... So you use the JamMan then?
Maybe if I unload a few guitars I could snag one. I'd rather get something that does what I want than force something to do what I want. LOL
Jason - Akai E2 Headrush - about £135 and a fantastic piece of kit - save up and get one, they have a nice looping facility and great echo/delay effects. I bought one recently, here's a rough vid of me playing a cbg through it.

have you ever tried circuit bending ?a couple of toggle switches and a cap a pot . u got your self a drum machine . old computers are good for that
i dont know if fruity loops would be good, but ive got a copy if u need it message me, we can work something out, ive got a few others, just message me on my page
Here is a link that should interest you: http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=74979.0

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