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Planning to build some CBGs w/the neck on top of the box. Figured I could make them quick & sell them as basic entry level CBG @ craft shows. What has been your experiences building these how's the sound quality compared to a thru box? I'm thinking I just go with an acoustic CBG.


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I've built a few like that. That style of CBG is called an "Uncle Crow", after the character from the book Uncle Tom's Cabin.

I found that they play well if your careful about not holding the back of the box to close to your body.

This type of instrument makes it's sound like a Dulcimer with the resonance coming from the neck and bottom, where a Guitar makes it's resonance from the top soundboard and bridge. You can actually build an Uncle Crow with an open top (no lid) and it will still be just as loud acoustically.

The last one I built was a "Headless" Uncle Crow...

Beautiful craftsmanship! Thanks for the advice. I got a ways to go before I'm in your league.

I've made a few like that.  They are simple and sound great.  Here's one:

Built This one in about an hour with no power tools . Sounds good . its just acoustic . found all of this in dumpsters except for the neck . it was found about 9 acers in to my moms land . The strings and tuners were in the dumpster behind a music store ;)


Really nice, I'll have to check the dumpster behind a couple of music stores near me.

Im a big Dumpster Diver Lol ! Oh Yeah and down at the tail is a penny i put on the tracks . Had to toss up something ugly and basic to show the complete other end of the spectrum lol .

Pete "Papa Bo" Turner said:

Really nice, I'll have to check the dumpster behind a couple of music stores near me.

Hey Ted and G.S Are those short rod piezo's ? How or where did you get them ?

On mine i used one of My Tesla Transducer pickups as a bridge and a ¼" brass rod as the saddle.  The tesla has a disk piezo embedded in it.

under a red dog vid john said dont mount the disc touching the neck does that really make a differance ?

..actually its called an uncle crow because i (uncle crow) built and advocated st
Strongly in using stick-on-box design as well as eye bolt tuners. Ive been maoing and sharing videos for a long time, its awesome to see my influence continue!

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