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Finally had time to get to work on this now that the holidays are over and all the builds for the lil ones are done.  Looks to be a short time to build but have to get some input from you guys and gals as the the best way to mount the piezo pickup.  

Should I mount it facing the bridge or the paddle, or does it even matter?  I read I should mount it between layers of felt to dampen unwanted sounds.  I plan on using two pickups under the bridge mount.

Also I decided to use bass strings and not weed eater line, went with 105 and 85 roundwound Ernie Ball.

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some additional pic's


Bridge image front


Looking goos so far Greg. Felt will work. I prefer encasing it in hot glue.  You can also encase it in wood and use thick foam double stick tape.  If you use 2 piezos, wire them in parallel.  I'd put them inside the box as close to under the bridge as you can.

Right now I have them mounted directly under the bridge, between two layers of felt.  The active side facing the strings.  When I took the pic showing the bridge I had not yet mounted them..  Still trying to decide how to mount the 1/4" jack to look the best.  Thanks for your help.

I'd mount the metal disk toward the bridge with ca glue, open a pocket under the ceramic side and fill with silicone caulk to cushion and dampen feedback.

The paddle should be thick enough to cut grooves on back for wire from pickup to output jack.  That way you can have a clean surface mount of your jack.


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