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I'm Chuck, I live in Sparta Michigan. I've always been a music lover even though I can't play a lick on any musical instrument or carry a tune ( unless I have a few great craft beers on karaoke night). I discovered the CBG while searching blues video's on youtube. After watching several Justin Johnson video's I got the idea that I would try to build one for myself. Being retired and fairly handy this has turned out to be the perfect hobby. So far I've built one acoustic, two electric, one baby size for my soon to be born great granddaughter and one CBG amp. I have been stocking up on cigar boxes so I should have enough to keep me occupied through the winter. My grandson plays guitar so I gave him one of the electric models. He plays football at Western Michigan University so he hasn't had much time to practice on a slide guitar, buts he's pretty excited to learn. I'm getting parts together for a new acoustic.

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Welcome to the clubhouse Chuck

Welcome to your new addiction!!


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