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with a couple of parts not installed yet,. I thought I'd try this out,. and post a pic or two,..

my second Cigar Box Guitar build, it's both PIEZO and MAG PICK UP with a 6 inch resonator cone, all the parts are one off and it sounds excellent,...

it has two individual out-puts and you can run both at once,.. the mag pick up is just like a regular guitar how ever run it on the reso cone and the delta blues twang is a sound unto it own self,...

I call it the "Smoke Stack MUFFIN'howser",...

the reso cover is a record-player biscuit you'd pop into a 45RPM vinyl record to play on a 12 inch player,. I copied the disk to give it an older look from a by gone era,..

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great attention to detail - fantastic job!
diggin' that 45 adapter reso cover! LOTS o' metal candy on that box, man!
Great job..
Very cool lookin' guitar man, great job!! I'm a fan of the allen bolts, thinking of using some on my Lowe's cone build too.

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