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Hey Ted and everyone that has prayed for my wife in the past. I would jsut like to say thank you to all. MY wife fought a long battle but at last she went home to be with the Lord on the 28th. It was hard to make so many decisions to let her go. All the doctors said there was nothing more they could do because her body was worn out and just wouldn't heal anymore no matter what they did. We laid her to rest this past sunday, now she is God's hands and has no more pain. I am doing fine and God has given me striegth to get past my time of morning.

Thank you all

Roger Morin

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God speed


Accept my condolences Roger, and from the entire Clubhouse.  Aida has been in my prayers for a while.  She's in the Lord's hands now and free from the years of suffering.


You're in my prayers as well Roger, it sounds like you're ok and I know you have a good soul.  You know you always have a shoulder to lean on here brother.


Remember some of the good times you and Aida were blessed to share together...



856 404 0411

any time

all thoughts with you at this time...
Sorry Roger look forward not back you'll be fine  oh yes and pray a lot that helps when nothing else does.
I am sorry to hear about your wife Roger. My thoughts are with you.
I think those before Me have said it better than I could.. just know that We feel for You Brother and will continue to keep You and Yours in Our prayers.
Praying you draw close to the Lord of all creation in this time of sadness. Praying He continues to give you strength.

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