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I was perusing the photo section and noticed necks that were being made with what appears to be

2" x 2"  raw stock.  what besides the extra strength this provided would be the advantage?  I've thought about doing this, strictly because it gives me extra shaping area but I'm still curious if it would go beyond the creativity aspect. This is a crazy question, but I'm trying to learn as much as fast as I can and don't want to leave any stone unturned.

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Some folks prefer to carve the neck in one piece. Others (like me) just use a 1 x 2 and cut/glue a scarf joint, headstock wings, heel, etc.  It's a matter of choice. Here's how I do mine


This interview (around 6:50 into it) got me thinking about the Mystery of Tone and how it relates to wood. I usually build necks by gluing or laminating them together. I have built a couple necks out of a solid piece and they sound great but the gits are too dissimilar to compare the difference in neck construction, but what Dick Dale says about the different woods strikes a chord with me. My thoughts are that two different species of wood will have different densities and have a natural vibration that might not match. The same goes for gluing necks. Where the glue is the bond is stronger than the parent wood and probably changes the vibration in that spot. Of course I'm just a mechanic and have no way to prove these theories other than personal preference of the sound my gits make, but then again, Tone and Tone Woods are shrouded in Mystery anyway. Good Luck  

Actually a laminated neck would be stronger as the glue joint is stronger than the wood. Hide glue is supposed to be the most transparent type of glue sonically speaking.

My necks usually start life as 2 strips of 40(ish)mm wide by 20(ish)mm thick timber. I like using mahogany (recycled bed heads, usually) but have used construction grade ply of about the same dimensions. I try to aim for a neck blank of 900mm-1 meter to allow for trimming later. Glue together with Gorilla Grip, press between 2 lengths of steel box section and 5 G clamps. Seems to work pretty good. Being no kind of expert I can only quote from personal experience but so far so good in as much as (happily!) in 17 builds I've yet to have one break or fail in any way (counting the finished products, not the odd one that gets ****ed up in the making.....*embarrassed* )

So far I've made 1 finished solid neck from a piece of NZ native Kauri, wonderful wood, golden stripped and slippery as you like once sanded and oiled. Another solid neck (unknown wood, I thought it was kauri too, but wrong colo(u)r, came out nice tho) is on the bench right now and slated for finish tomorrow.

I have no real preference for laminated vs solid from a tonal/playing point of view, most of my builds are electric anyhow and by the time the amp is set to 1/2 distort/1/2 chorus/3/4 reverb (my usual setting), the 3 could probably be made of pressed road kill for all the tonal difference it makes. As I said, I'm a total tyro at this, your mileage may vary.

Thanx Guys.  I've been using 1X2s, but I think I'm going to try a couple of laminations.  

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