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I want to make myself a stomp box to goof around with, but I want to make sure I get a deep tone. Anyone have information how to affect tone while building a stomper?

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So, I am by no means a pro, but I just built a stompbox a couple of weeks ago. The one I made was 13"x6.5"x2". I sandwiched a piezo between a piece of 1/4" and 1/8" purpleheart and double-stick-taped it to the inside of the box....Its not really all that bassy, but by turning down the treble and mids and cranking the bass on the amp it sounds pretty good. If I were to do it again, I think that I would opt for a solid pad with the piezo inside rather than a box, as the piezo enclosure I made had MUCH more bass before I installed it in the box.
Great. Thanks for the input. I'm trying two .75" pieces of ply I had laying the scrap bin. About the size of my foot. Sandwiching the piezo between. I cut out an area for all the wiring and piezo. I just painted it and will wire it up later. Probably make a little fulcrum for my foot.
Jason, I want to build one of these as well. Let us know how the sound of the more solid stomper sounds.
Will do. Thanks for the interest. It's definitely a big fatty. Will try and wire it up tonight and see how it sounds.

Dana Harlan said:
Jason, I want to build one of these as well. Let us know how the sound of the more solid stomper sounds.
well its not a stompbox,but unless ur playin` a huge place its really loud. http://handmademusic.ning.com/photo/tambokicker-not-pretty-but?cont...
Hmm... my thump area is small due to the size of the piezo. Maybe an array of piezos in series would increase the area. It's pretty quiet, but with a little rubber on it I get a pretty good thump.
Hey Jason,

Im no expert either, but Iv built a few stompers and I reckon the key is less about the box or board, more about the amp. For a great bass 'thump', use a bass amp! Makes sense really....

As for construction - I have tried with mag pups and just cant get a good sound, though plenty of folks do...

In a box situation, try using a speaker as the pick up gives a real nice deep tone, or encase your piezo inbetween 2 lumps of timber.

I generally pad out the whole box with layers of foam cut from a camping roll, siliconed into place - Im sure it cuts the trebles, but you may loose a bit of volume. But you can always turn the amp up...

CBJ builds license plate stompers and just silicones the piezo to the bottomside of the plate - its a real good thump, but again, he runs it through a little PA... on the bass channel of course.

Also, try different coverings on the footboard. If you have hard boots on, you'll get a sharp sound. Try playing in socks, or put a piece of carpet or rubber on the top.

Keep us posted!
So I put in a second piezo disk and it increased the volume which is great! Who wants to crank their amp and get buzz? Gives me more control as well. I used my forstner bit to hog deeper into the wood this time so the second disk is closer to the surface. Now I just need to figure out if I can plug this and my guitar into one amp unit and get good sound. Maybe a mic too.

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