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Hi my name is rich, I found this sight when I was looking for a spacing template for frets. I had purchased a set of log g GDG strings last year and I had started on the project be purchasing wood ETC and I lost my focus. I am getting back to it though. I am planning on using 2 spent brass 38 special cartridges soldered open end to each other for the bottom end where the 3 strings will be attached and head up to the neck. Bear with me, I do not know the correct term for some parts. I know frets and strings but I do not know which end is the bridge. Any way I plan on drilling 3 small holes in the wood piece and then I will be attaching the soldered shells at a 90 degree across the wood and the strings will run up the neck to where I will have , Perhaps a Brass bolt running at 90 degrees and then I plan on attaching 6 small 90 degree corner brackets 3 sets opposite each other and then I plan on running a threaded bolt through then and I want to solder a brass fishing swivel on the bottom of each and drill 3 holes in each bolt and then I will be able to run the strings through the holes to secure them and then adjust the nots on each bolt to put mention on a string.  I want to make this thing look like I built it out of junk I have on hand, Which is what I am doing.  I have an old wood salad bowl that I have notched out on opposite sides so the wood piece runs across the top edge of the wood bowl and ends up flush on the top. I will be cutting the wood in a sculptures curve after it comes across the wood bowl and I will be cutting out below the strings as they come across the bowl. As soon as I finish I will try to tune and then I want to play         BAD TO THE BONE   I play that on the sax but it is hard to sing when I am playing the sax and I do not have the wind I used to.  Thank you for reading

rich gannon

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Sounds great Rich.  The shells would be called the bridge and the bolt will be the nut.  Your idea for the tuners sounds interesting.  Keep us posted with pics.


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