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Hello everyone and happy new year.  I am looking for a little advice and hope that there will be some inputs here.  For a little background I am a retired Navy Chief living out here on Guam.  I basically just became a retired biker bum living in paradise. As in all good things in life there is always a downside. For me it has been boredom, I have discovered that retiring at 45, while fun for awhile was really not the wisest thing to do. To counter the boredom and not wanting to work for anyone else I turned back to my wood working skills.  I saw a video a couple of months back and became hooked on CBG's. I now have built a few of them and have reaquired a fairly good inventory of tools again.

I feel that I am ready to increase the complexity of my builds to include moving into hard body 6 bangers, but given my limited experience in the music world and my total lack of playing ability I guess my biggest concern is whether a market can be found for this hobby to sustain its self. Aside from the big dogs and some hardworking inovators that have busted their butts for years to build a name and clientel, can a super low scale builder with only a materials overhead find a market for their instruments. Its not that I need the money on a day to day basis but I do need to continue a hobby that I like and will keep me busy and it has to pay for its self.

Any input would be greatly appreciated



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Good Luck!!

My thought is, you're probably the only one on Guam doing this, so it will be very unique in your area. So this may be something you can use to your advantage.

People have often said that hearing the instrument being played is what sells it, so I would suggest working on at least some basic playing skills.

Then research if there are any festivals, crafts fairs, tourist areas or other opportunities to be seen and heard.

Thanks for the input Skeesix.....I will definately keep plugging away at it.   Happy new year


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