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i got a lot out of that last challenge.  special thanks to C# Merle for instigating.  I wanna propose a discussion for a next one lickety split..

i gotta a couple ideas..

1.  lazarus project...  we all find roadside guitars and shite right?  Challenge to rebuild an instrument that anyone in their right mind would throw away, and someone probly already did, and make it sing again.  Before and after pics required..

2.. solid body fever is sweeping the site, like to see a solid body build off if it inspires others to give it a go..

well any other ideas i'd love to hear em.  I'll donate something for a prize, how bout a pair of 3 string pickups? any other prize donations would be great too, maybe someone more qualified than myself, im happy for mine to go to a runner up or whatever.. lets hear from u folks, and id love to see some participation :)

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i like the solid body idea..! count me in..!

i can donate one of my little babies, the one in the picture below... what do you think..?

bugger me thats generous legs !!!

lovely looking stick there


I might be up for a solid body build. What kind of timeline are you thinking?

the lazarus project sounds interesting.

the time scale on the last challenge (you can vote here -     http://www.handmademusicclubhouse.com/forum/topics/challenge) was 3 months, which gives plenty of thinking time.

also like the idea of  a solidbody type deal, but that could be a lot of work for some guys to pull off?

and none of this 'rules' stuff - just a basic challenge idea, then see what happens!

i'm in.

It ok if I throw my hat in? A bunch happened at the end of the last contest, including losing internet access so I wasn't able to submit my entry.


I'm with merle, the lazarous build sounds really fun

oh jeez, two votes each way.  I really like both ideas, so lets do both this year..

maybe we just wait for a few more ppl to weigh in..

what do you guys think about maybe leaving the lazarus project til a wee bit later to give ppl time to find a real fkd up roadside guitar to rescue ?

maybe do one with a 3 month timeframe and one with a 6 month timeframe or something like that ?

I was also thinking, maybe ted can set up a group or folder and we can do little build blogs ?

wouldn't the lazarus be easier? After you find the guitar it's pretty much built already, the solidbody would be hardest for those with smaller shop spaces or limited resources, but everyone could find something that needs a little TLC.


i'd be up for either idea,  but wait and see if there's much appetite for a new challenge.

gotta say theres not much voting going on with the last challenge, but a basic challenge theme with room to improvise (like the solid body idea) seems a good choice.

Sounds like fun. I was busy with caring for my wife and missed the last challenge. I like the ideas presented, but had a thought. 

To perhaps get more participation,  a "2 Bit Challenge"; where everything submitted is built with materials costing $25.00 or less could work.

No one would be prohibited by expenses and I think would encourage some of us noobs to experiment with areas of building they haven't approached yet. Just a thought!

i really like the idea of a budget, although $25 would be reasonably difficult if you cost everything out, glue, frets strings tuners, assuming a lot of folks do a guitarish thing (like usual).  I say $75, and items purchased from clubhouse members (gitty, Ted, Randy,  Lowe etc etc) only hurt your budget at a lesser rate, say 50%..  that is a $50 pickup from Ted only hurts your budget $25 whereas a $50 pup from ebay costs you $50.  What you think about that?

Very sorry about your wife Jon, and good to see you building mate

OK guys, well both got some interest, the lazarus idea is a good one for a budget imho, cos less wood etc needed what you think?  im thinking lets do that one first, I'll put up the pickups and we save anibals strummer back for a prize for a solid body build off in a few months ?

Thanks Kid for the condolenses. Great imput, I like your ideas. Just call it a "6 Bit Challenge."  Clubhouse members are usually the first place to look for quality products.

I do like the lazarus idea as I'm not geared up to attempt a really quality neck yet. LOL, but I'm earning.

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