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i got a lot out of that last challenge.  special thanks to C# Merle for instigating.  I wanna propose a discussion for a next one lickety split..

i gotta a couple ideas..

1.  lazarus project...  we all find roadside guitars and shite right?  Challenge to rebuild an instrument that anyone in their right mind would throw away, and someone probly already did, and make it sing again.  Before and after pics required..

2.. solid body fever is sweeping the site, like to see a solid body build off if it inspires others to give it a go..

well any other ideas i'd love to hear em.  I'll donate something for a prize, how bout a pair of 3 string pickups? any other prize donations would be great too, maybe someone more qualified than myself, im happy for mine to go to a runner up or whatever.. lets hear from u folks, and id love to see some participation :)

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OK.  Challenge is a lazarus project.  Prize is these 2 chocolate bar pickups

the deadline will be the end of May, thats three and a half months.  Entries will require a small build blog (there u go ted :D)  no need to go crazy, but at least a before shot and some progress shots, let people get involved.  I'll leave it to annibal to put up his strummer for a solid body build off a bit later in ther year ??  (please) 

In the unlikely event that i come out on top the prize will go to the runner up.

All welcome, have a crack, find a crappy beat up old instrument and repair or repurpose it

I'll take a go at the challenge


Sounds like fun. I can hardly wait to see some of the entries. They are always so innovative.  Good luck to all.

cool with me phrygian..!

ok we got a group to put your entries in, find it here  http://handmademusic.ning.com/group/the-lazarus-project?xg_source=a...

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