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Hello All,
I have been building CBGs for several years now, mostly acoustic. I have seen a few videos of people playing CBGs that have a small amplifier board, battery and speaker built in to the CBG. I would like to build one of those, Does anyone have any experience with this? I bought a couple of cheap LM386 (http://www.ebay.com/itm/330941303655?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_...) Amplifier boards on eBay but I'm not too sure if a piezo can put out a strong enough signal to use with it and also, what type of speaker works well with this type of setup?

Any input on this would be appreciated.


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This one has the advantage of a small footprint & pot mounted on/off, volume control.


or Gittys, same size...


These can both be driven with a piezo straight in, no preamp. Though not really loud.

Hi Chuck

I built a very simple amp using just 3 componenets, an LM386 chip and 2 x 47uf electrotype caps.

Hooked up with an 8ohm speaker, 9 volt battery and a 1/4" jack socket.

I built this so I could easily test piezo pickups I make, I have not tried this as an onboard but with a little bit of adapting I think it should work, connecting a piezo to the input.

Built on stripborad I have attached some photos and a rough wiring diagram. On the stripboard cut the foil strip under the Lm386 between pins 1-6 leaving 7&8 intact and also cut between connection points of the 2 caps.

Connect all grounds and off you go.

The only disadvantage is the lack of an on/off switch but a simple spst switch could be used.

Hope this helps

all the best


Hi Chuck

Been looking through my wiring diagram and found this I've attached. You can substitue the out jack with a speaker, it does have on/off switch and vol control.

Probably a better option that the first I sent you.



Just another I forgot, you will have to substitute the in jack with your piezo.


Thanks for the info Chris. I have a couple of builds I need to finish off before I start another but I am looking forward to experimenting with this.

Best Regards,

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