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I'm looking for options for open tunings...my builds are mainly 4-string CBG's set up with middle four guitar strings (ADGB) with the G tuned down to F# as in baritone ukulele tuning. So what variations of open tunings work well with four strings and which strings?


Also, for slide playing, what brand/version of strings are used? My previous builds have all been with low action for fingerstyle/strumming, and those kinds of strings sound "scratchy" with slides. Thanks y'all

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EBEG# GDGB FCFA DADF# i dont use guitar string but try .026, .018, .016, .012 all unwound i use a prewar copper wire for a bass string but .028 copper, bronze or brass sitar string will work too.
heres a link with all kinds of tuning options you could try http://eceserv0.ece.wisc.edu/~sethares/alternatetunings/alternatetu...
I know alot of people use GDGD, i tend to use GDGB because its the middle 4 strings of a DGDGBD tuning.

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