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overabundance of guitar bodies and shortage of necks at cigar stores!

I bought 7 or so more cigar boxes last weekend. I stopped at two cigar stores hoping to get lucky and find those huge Rocky Patel Edge boxes...17" x 7" x 4" or 5"...don't want to pay $20 shipping from ebay!

Anyway, I can always find cool boxes, but wish the cigar stores not only carried guitar bodies but necks as well! ;O)

I have yet to finish a single guitar due to the 'neck problem'...so I'm not sure why I needed 7 more. I am not a hoarder.


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It would be nice, wish they had tuners and strings too.

1 X 2 maple, oak or poplar from Home Depot/Lowes works.  Also, keep your eyes open for a pallet or a headboard or a table or bed frame, flooring, etc.  You can use a broomstick or axe handle!

I do have a bunch of 3" and 4" maple flooring, which would be fine for labor-intensive necks...given adequate workspace and tooling...have to use a neighbor's shop.

I have been resisting the call of a simple neck...I haven't yet been able to dismiss the luxury of frets. I'll have to work on that mental block...

Decide to learn fretless slide!

Problem solved...

Good ideas.

Doing SOMEthing instead of just planning might help...;O)

I'm new to this as well but I just finished my first one and my second one is almost there. Just get in there and start cutting. Im using 1×2's from lowes for these first 2 and although my first two attempts ended up as garbage, the third time was the charm. It has frets and all. Just do as much reading as you can on this stuff and then you must simply learn from your own mistakes. My second guitar has had much less roadbumps than the first and im sure things will get easier and easier.Just jump in and do it.

I bought an old cutting board made of strips of various wood, thinking I'd make a solid-body guitar out if it.

Less than a day later...I don't think so...I don't need ANOTHER body with no neck - it's 15-1/2" long, 13-1/4" wide, 1-1/2" thick. I think it'll be a donor for some laminated necks, of some short scale variety...

ran across the perfect thing for the fret markings- it is a Sharpie oil based paint pen [just like a regular Sharpie- but with paint} it worked great. you have your frets marked, take a straight edge and run this down- works great

Try here  https://www.cbgitty.com/cubecart/index.php?PHPSESSID=cdfbf222202f86...   for a solution to the neck problem.


I'm finishing up my first cigar box and planning to do another. I saw one on Etsy that Ted built. Instead of running the neck thru the box, Ted has it on top of the cigar box. Looks like it would be easier to build. Is there any advantage in terms of tune, volume?

Well, I forgot to ask the guy I know who does cabinetry...I saw a pallet being discarded recently and grabbed the multi-ply laminated cross braces it had....

I tried to cut a 15 degree angle to make a scarf joint, and it didn't look right, so I thought 'oh, I must need 90-15 = 75 based on where the angle is measured on a table saw...and the neighbors saw only went to 60 degrees...days later, too late, I realized, I could have cut something at 15 and used it as a guide and cut 60 again...but was in a hurry and settled for the 90-60 that gave me 30 degree cuts...look kind of goofy... maybe like a bouzouki or other...

So, I wonder what problems this causes...



Go to guitarfetisk.com.  They got plenty blemished Fender and Strat necks for under $50.00.  Check it out.

I got it from a Pro.


I think john may have put a typo in his reply. Try guitarfetish.com instead.

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