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overabundance of guitar bodies and shortage of necks at cigar stores!

I bought 7 or so more cigar boxes last weekend. I stopped at two cigar stores hoping to get lucky and find those huge Rocky Patel Edge boxes...17" x 7" x 4" or 5"...don't want to pay $20 shipping from ebay!

Anyway, I can always find cool boxes, but wish the cigar stores not only carried guitar bodies but necks as well! ;O)

I have yet to finish a single guitar due to the 'neck problem'...so I'm not sure why I needed 7 more. I am not a hoarder.


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I was never a good speller.  Thanks for the correction.

A few years ago I found a place in Tennessee that buys rejected guitars like the guitar starter kits (Starcaster, etc). I had made plans to get 6 necks with tuners for $125 shipped but that was a couple years ago and I didn't get around to it.

I've got a couple necks started...gotta let 'em succeed or fail without aborting the project...

Go to GuitarFetish.com.  It is a great place for necks with correctable problems.

Bed heads. They give me 90% of my necks. Mahogany or English Oak are the most common and can be had cheaply. Others turn up in NZ Native timbers from time to time, Rimu being the most common and Kauri being the most (to me) prized. Best of all, they are usually the perfect thickness (20mm), just take a 40-50mm strip off with a bench saw and you are good to go. The inset for the cigar box lid is also the same depth for the machine heads, I measure out the neck, cut to depth with a mitre saw then set the height of the bench saw blade (4mm, about) and VERY VERY CAREFULLY open the box lid inset and head. Now that I've done a few, I can rough out a neck in about 15-20 mins, adjust the box lid inset with a sharp chisel and block sand the head after using a disk sander to clean up the sides and sharp corners. A couple of hours if I stay at it.

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