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In my first CB Guitar I used a Radio Shack Piezo buzzer.  I did not remove the disc from the plastic case with the circuit board.  The build seems to work fine.  What is the difference between the bare discs and the ones still in the plastic case?  BTW I was referred to Ted on this question, as he is the master on such things.

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get ready for FEEDBACK...


You need to get the piezo out of the plastic, then embed the ceramic back in some soft/cushiony material or your CBG will be ugly with feedback....

That's the kind of info I've been looking for. Thanks

OK, now let's talk about placement.  To get good response, the piezo needs to be located under the bridge, probably under the top.....  Some builders locate the piezo on the neck through, but I'd suggest either under the bridge, between bridge and top or under the top....


search "piezo pickup" for more ideas.....


the best,


Wichita Sam

When it comes to those plastic casings, the answer is: Not just no, but hell no.

Those casings are designed and intended for when the piezo is being used as a buzzer/mini speaker, not for use as a pickup/transducer. As Sam said, you generally want the piezo to have some cushion around it. 

I wrote a two-part article specifically about disk piezos, you can read them here:



Thanks.  These articles were very helpful.  I just encased a piezo in Maple.  seems to work well with much less feedback.  

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