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Piezo talk. Make it sound the way you want. Tips and tricks.

I currently don't have any tips or tricks, but I'm hoping this thread will bring up some cutting edge piezo action.

I'm building an external piezo attachment for a friends CBG. It works pretty good, but you can really hear the sliding on the strings and other various noises. No feedback (which is great!). Any suggestions for reducing those noises? I was thinking filling it with silicone. Right now I have a hot glue beed holding it to the wood face that touches the instrument.

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Well, I fiddled with my amps knobs and decreased the squeals. Still some squeling when I use slide. I also added a cushion between the piezo wood block and the body. Pretty cool. No I can hook this thing up to any of my acoustics.
I knew I got it from somewhere! That's why I used the hot glue. I remembered it mentioned over at the builders forum.
I've had great results encasing the piezo in wood. I use 1/4" oak on one side and thin wood veneer on the other. Mounting is done with thick foam double side tape. The tape seems to eliminate most of the handling noise. Old lowe screws them to the box leaving the tape on and gets even louder response than just the tape.

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