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Basically I'm looking for any links to where these can be bought, or possibly some detailed plans on making them?  Leaning more towards the plans, as I'm planning to use them for less strings.  I thought it'd be a neat thing to make a CBG that is 3 pairs, like an odd mandolin or whatnot.  These just have a neat look to them.


I thought if anything maybe using a fine threaded rod with a wing nut for the hook and just cut off one of the wings, then making the block for them to ride in.I'm assuming that center pin goes down into the neck to hold it in place?

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ive seen these on ebay
http://cgi.ebay.com/4-Strings-PORTUGUESE-MACHINE-HEADS-UKULELE-/370...  these might work better for what you want to use them for
nice but muy espenisvo

The name of the machine head tuners is "LEQUE".

you can search in Portuguese by, "Leque da Guitarrra Portuguesa".

"Leque" da guitarra portuguesa  is techinical word.

If you ask to a portuguese guy what is a leque, they will answer you that is a Hand Fan. Only Portuguese Guitar builders and players know that the term "Leque" is also a machine head guitar device...

Ok, I've ordered and received the above 4 string tuner, but I have a problem.  Since I've never seen one of these in person, I can't tell how a person would mount it, or if maybe it's even missing a piece.  I don't have it available to take a picture, but it's basically flat on the top, and on the bottom, but the bottom also has a little tab.  It almost looks like you could use it to hang it on a belt.  Here's a horrible ASCII representation:





That's if you're looking at it from the side.  I'm assuming I'll need to carve out a relief that it fits flush into, and that wedge shape is what keeps it in place, but do I cut a groove for that tooth to fit into, or is there supposed to be a mounting plate that this goes into?  Maybe I'm missing a piece?


I've emailed the vendor as well, but just thought I'd ask here if anyone's messed with one before.












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