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It's fun to look back at your first build and see what you, at that time, thought was cool.

Here is my first attempt a decade ago. Made from parts I found while at a party. First, I had a couple beers, couple captain and cokes, then went to agave juice. I then proceeded to collect my parts from the host's house and garage. Even got some plumbing parts from the bathroom. I mixed these parts with some things I had in my truck...Long story short, in about 5 hours, I had a working, playable CBG with internal amp and self-contained speaker. I caught hell from my friend for disassembling his plumbing and using several items he held dear to his heart that I found at the workbench. All worth it, as it was the start of a great new hobby and lifestyle. Below is a pick of the monstrosity. And remember, be careful flushing your toilet after you have a bunch of CBG builders over to the house!

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First CBG - still have it

This was my first wish i still had it !

This was my first try at using a cigar box for the body. Sold it on ebay not long after it was finished.

My first build with no research aside from tearing apart a broken Harmony acoustic

After a little research....Completed!

Red Oak stain on the neck, Nut to Bridge scale adjusted to 25 1/2"...more to come.
Start to finish on this build, concept to playing it was just undser 3 Hrs, I stained the neck with Red Oak, Painted the fingerboard with 10 coats of House of Kolor Kandy Black, Cut a new nut slot at 25 1/2" scale, added String Grommets in the tail stock, Sanded with 1200 grit Sandpaper between each step and added a CB Mic Pickup with a 1/4" mono jack. Still havent decided if I'll fret it yet.


My first, still have it too.
Nice job bill!

Bill B said:

My first, still have it too.

At least you did'nt touch the urn on the mantle... That's aunt Ida's ashes in there!
Juju, that was your first? You truly are a freak of nature my friend ;)

This one is my first although it wasnt built that terribly long ago
Jan 2010-- Highway Key CBG #1 .  Inspired by Ted Crocker & John McNair-- i copied directions on Shanes site. Its a Padron box, poplar neck/ red oak fretless board, has a piezo.

This is my first.Not for sale. Its a keeper.


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