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I have two 250k pots that I want to use for a tone and volume control.

Does the rating on the pot have any bearing on the size of the cap that is wired to ground?

I have seen mention of .033 to .047 caps being used, but I don't know what the difference would be, if any.

I thought I read somewhere that a 250k pot would sound "warmer" than a 500k pot. Is this still true if wired to a piezo?

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Here's my first tip....though I bet you've already seen it. http://handmademusic.ning.com/photo/albums/wiring-diagrams-schematics

Check on the chat page often as many questions are answered there daily. The resistance of the pot would have some bearing on the effect of the value cap, but I'm not sure what. The caps would be cheap enough to experiment with to dial in the sound you want.
.033 cap and you should use the 250's on this one. It's all about the resistance.
OK...cool...thanks for the replies... :-)
Don't do it. It is a gateway drug.

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